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Heretic Tattoo


The Owner : Kirby van Beek                                                                                         Heretic Tattoo

The Artist   : Kirby van Beek                                                                                         Grote Kerkstraat 27B

                                                                                                                                              4941 DM Raamsdonksveer

The Canvas (male)    : Tom                                                                                             website:

The Canvas (female) : Marjolein                                                                                   e-mail  :  info@heretictattoo. nl


How it started…..

After studying in different disciplines Kirby started Heretic

Tattoo. At first she was studying Forensic Research and she

was running for Pathologist. After working with a Dutch well

known pathologist she thought ‘this is not what I really want’.

She was creative since she was a kid and so she went for

designing and drawing class.Besides of that Kirby got her

inspiration from her father, sadly he past away way to young.

He was the one who interduced her to tattooing by taking her

to the shops where he was inked, and she started a shop. It was

the year 2012, at the attic at her parents’ home.
Finally she ended up in the Grote Kerkstraat in Raamsdonksveer

where she opened a bigger shop in 2019. The shop is inviting,

open and bright.

The team ( there are three more artist Danny, Kevin and Sjoerd) friendly and

dedicated to their work. The designs are exclusive so if a customer finds a

design on the internet than Kirby and her colleagues add a Heretic Twist to it. But custom design is preferable.


The Canvases:

Tom : a regular canvas for Kirby. After a Tattoo on his upper arm he is sitting in Kirby’s chair for his calf tattoo. A steam punk like tattoo with pistons and gears in grey and lots of shades. Maybe because he is an mechanical engineer.


Marjolein : again a regular for Kirby. She travels from the other side of the country to get inked by Kirby. Why? ‘Because she’s gooood’. Black @ white on both legs are truly pieces of Art. Nothing more nothing less. And that’s what I want to express with this project. Beautiful people with great art. Great artist with beautiful art.


Thanks guys for taking part in this project PROJECT T.